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  • The Impact Alliance is coming!


    We are excited to unveil a new and exciting cross-disciplinary collaboration with some of the finest creative agencies in Copenhagen: Impact Alliance! The ambition is to create more sustainable, profitable and meaningful solutions through merging deeply specialized skills
    with a multidisciplinary and holistic approach. For more information,
    go to:

  • The Lab is in the kitchen


    Scandinavian DesignLab is proud to announce that we have started working with one of the most iconic, Danish brands, Karolines Køkken (Karoline’s Kitchen). We’re working on an exciting project, and we can’t wait to show you the result. 

  • Portfolio event


    Danish Design Association has asked Scandinavian DesignLab to host an event for members of DDA Students. During this event, Scandinavian DesignLab will give advice about how to write a good job application, and the best way to present a professional portfolio. For more info, click here

  • A taste of Easter


    Scandinavian DesignLab’s new packaging for Anthon Berg’s Easter assortment has already hit the stores! Although the new packaging clearly signals Easter, it is also very strongly branded; leaving consumers in no doubt about what products are Anthon Berg, and what products are not. The new packaging encompasses old favorites as well as the two new licorice additions.

  • 北欧设计实验室祝您新春愉快!


    From Scandinavian DesignLab to all our Chinese clients and contacts, we wish you a happy Chinese New Year, and all the best in the Year of the Snake! 

  • Old friends and new beginnings


    In a new boost to our cooperation with renowned capability consultancy, Mannaz, we have now worked with them to develop an even stronger understanding of the identity. Using our newly developed IDna model, we have helped the company narrowly define the absolute core of what they are – and how this can help them be a stronger competitor.

  • The Lab is en vogue


    We just received the news that there are now over 2.000 Republique posters hanging in homes all over Denmark, making it the best-selling, Danish art poster in recent times. The posters have been featured in the Danish Better Living several times; and we believe that it is all down to the powerful, unavoidable and clear design. Click here to get your own!

  • The new newsletter


    The next edition of Scandinavian DesignLab’s newsletter, Insight, is out on Monday, and you don’t want to miss out. If you’re not already a subscriber, what are you waiting for? Subscribe here!

  • The Lab and Piltti – a healthy growth


    Scandinavian DesignLab has just landed an exciting project for Piltti, a Finnish baby food brand. Piltti is a strong market leader and top-of-mind brand in Finland, and is actively present in Finnish family lives through generations; Scandinavian DesignLab is excited to start working with the iconic brand.

  • Making a splash


    Republique is opening its doors for the fourth season of international theatre in the heart of Copenhagen. Once again, Scandinavian DesignLab has created the powerful posters, and we can’t wait for you to see them all.

  • A pink Christmas treat


    Scandinavian DesignLab has created the new packaging for the Anthon Berg’s classic, ‘Ren Rå Marcipan’, and from what we hear, it’s flying off the shelves.

  • A new face



    Scandinavian DesignLab is happy to welcome Kim Brøste Rasmussen to the Lab. Kim, who has previously worked at Kontrapunkt, will be joining us as an Account Manager from January 1st, 2013, and we can’t wait.


  • Denmark and China hand in hand


    In connection with Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s official visit to China this month, International Business Daily published a special Denmark-China Special Issue, to further promote and deepen the two countries’ mutual cooperation. Scandinavian DesignLab’s CEO, Anne-Mette Højland was asked to contribute to the special issue.

  • The Lab and the Chocolate factory


    We are gaining a bit of weight.
    But that is a welcome hazard of working with our new client, Anthon Berg. Stay alert because when our common efforts reach the shelves, you won’t be able to stop yourself either. 

  • Amsterdam Calling


    Last week, the Lab’s CEO Anne-Mette Højland, was asked to the BBP Marketing & Design congress in Amsterdam. Anne-Mette spoke on the importance of brand identity as the true starting point of all business strategies, using the case studies of Republique Theatre and fashion Brand M-IDEA FOREVER. The conference was attended by more than 100 Dutch and international marketers.  

  • Danish Design Center saw that it was good


    Scandinavian DesignLab’s identity for Nikolaj Kunsthal has been nominated for a Danish Design Award.  Danish Design Award is the most prestigious Danish design award, and is only given out every other year.Scandinavian DesignLab has previously won the Danish Design Award in 2008 for SuperBest, and in 2010 for Republique Theatre.  

    View case: Nikolaj Kunsthal
  • Michael Holm is moving on


    Our Account Executive and long time Scandinavian DesignLab employee, Michael Holm, is leaving the company to seek new challenges. It is always hard to say goodbye to a friend, but we wish Michael all the best in the future. 

  • The Lab shortlisted at CCA


    Scandinavian DesignLab’s visual identity for the art center, Nikolaj Kunsthal, has been shortlisted for this year’s Creative Circle Awards. We are eagerly awaiting the final decision!

    View case: Nikolaj Kunsthal
  • Livskraft eggs


    Livskraft eggs Leading Scandinavian Egg manufacturer and longtime client, Hedegaard, had a new product idea; naturally enhanced eggs. The first result of Hedegaard and the Lab's strategic cooperation is Livskraft (The Force ofLife); an egg enhanced to strengthen vital physical parameters, especially vital for elderly people. The Lab has also created the new packaging for this product.

  • German Design Award Gold


    The Lab has recently been to Frankfurt to pick up the Gold award at the German Design Award for the identity for Republique. The jury said that, i.a., "The logo carries power over into the corporate design, supported by an equally vigorous typography and colour pallet, creating an unusually dynamic, lively visual image that sticks in the mind. Viva la REPUBLIQUE!" 

    View case: Republique Theatre S1


    Scandinavian DesignLab has created the limited edition art book, "Slowly Seeping through my Hands" by the artist Nikoline Liv Andersen. The exhibition can be experienced at Horsens Museum from the 19th of November, 2011 until the 5th of February, 2012. 


    View case: Horsens Art Museum
  • The Lab honoured by D&AD


    Scandinavian DesignLab is proud to announce that not only the identity for REPUBLIQUE Theatre but also the second season posters - have earned In-Book spots at the 2011 D&AD awards. Scandinavian DesignLab is honoured by this recognition and is eagerly awaiting their 'slices' of the Yellow Pencil Award.

  • The Return of Republique


    As REPUBLIQUE continues to challenge the concept of theatre, The Lab has evolved the theaters identity as well, and taken it to the next level. The integrity is intact, but with a more iconic approach, and REPUBLIQUE remains in the fore- front as one of the most interesting and edgy theatres in Denmark, a theatre that dares to stand out - both among the competitors and in the streets of Copenhagen.

  • New international client


    Scandinavian DesignLab is proud to announce that we have won a client in a major, international design procurement; a large, Shanghai-based fashion company with several hundred outlets all over China and Southeast Asia.

  • The Lab takes Care of Neutral


    Scandinavian DesignLab has taken the new identity of Neutral a step further by creating the design of Neutral's new Face Care range, which has been extremely well received by the trade and the end consumer.

  • The Lab dresses Kwintet


    Scandinavian DesignLab has created the new identity for Kwintet, a company which provides professional apparel to several industries and purposes. Kwintet are the Leaders in Professional Wear in Europe and we trust that the new identity can help them expand their position even further.

    View case: Kwintet
  • In it to win it


    Scandinavian DesignLab is proud to announce that we have won yet another, prestigious award. This time it is the Disc-Golf, Company Cup 2011. Last year The Flying Lab made second place but this year we made it all the way to the top.

  • The Lab reinvents financial services


    Scandinavian DesignLab's
    Anne-Mette Højland has contributed to the book, "Reinventing Financial Services", with a piece about the financial sector's loss of identity in the light of the recent crisis and
    the consequences of this loss for the future of the sector and the immediate effect it has on the people working in it.

  • We are not a church!


    Nikolaj Kunsthal, an innovative art centre located in the heart of Copenhagen, has chosen Scandinavian DesignLab to express its identity. Together we are creating an identity, which embraces the magic of this innovative, temporary art centre, located in a church.  

    View case: Nikolaj Kunsthal
  • Giving a lecture


    At this month’s Markedsførings conference, Scandinavain DesignLab was asked to hold a lecture on how they experience their market’s demands to identities have changed. At the conference, our Creative Director, Per Madsen, spoke about how design can help transform and translate a company’s visionary energy into a powerful, innovative brand, and how to keep it true and alive. 

  • SuperBest: creating a new shop experience


    When SuperBest wanted to re-new the look of their stores, they naturally asked Scandinavian DesignLab to help them. Scandinavian DesignLab has further developed the award-wining visual identity to include interiors, in order to create a new standard for the food-shopping experience.

  • Trapholt, “The Inkwell”


    Scandinavian DesignLab has created the identity for Cathrine Raben Davidsen’s exhibition,
    “The inkwell” at Trapholdt Museum. “The Inkwell” is a tale of metamorphosis, death and perishability. The exhibition can be experienced from the 9th of September, 2010 until the 9th of January, 2011.

  • EU 2012 – a pitch we just had to make


    When agencies were invited to pitch for the design of the identity for the Danish EU presidency in 2012 we just had to give it a go. Our solution was what you see above – a symbol of the need for a strong partnership between the individual nations and the European Union. Unfortunately ONE of the 71 other entries beat us – and we had to settle for second place and a € 5,500 cash prize.

  • Same same but different


    Scandinavian DesignLab won the Danish Design Prize for the 2nd time in a row on Thursday, this time for the Republique Theatre identity. Even if it's the same award we won for SuperBest 2 years ago, we think it's fair to say that it's not the same kind of solution – which just underlines the point that corporate identity is about finding the clients' soul – not the Agency’s. 

    View case: Republique Theatre S2
  • Toms Ekstra – You’ll be surprised!


    Toms is introducing a new line of high-end dark chocolate – Toms Ekstra. Toms wished to develop a packaging design, which would stand out on the shelf, convey that this is truly an extraordinary product, and yet still a product for the broad public that Toms have always targeted. You be the judge.       

    View case: Toms EKSTRA
  • Wenaas trusts the Lab


    Wenaas – a world leader in Personal Protection Equipment and Workwear – has signed on with Scandinavian DesignLab. Together we are aiming to build an even stronger profile to match the company’s ambitious new global strategy. Watch this site for examples of a new approach to developing industrial corporate identity.       

  • The Sun rises in the East


    The Lab management has just returned from a visit to our Shanghai office. Building brands is a relatively new experience for many major Chinese corporations and an area where Danish know-how can be of great value. We expect to post news on a range of interesting projects from the Far East soon. 

  • A special book for a special occasion


    Dyrberg/Kern is celebrating their 25th anniversary with the release of a unique coffee table book telling the fascinating tale of two young designers who created a worldwide brand. Yet another way of building identity.  

    View case: Dyrberg/Kern
  • A new visual identity


    During the last couple of years, we have worked on designing the entire Riemann & Co. A/S packaging line. The relationship has led Riemann to ask Scandinavian DesignLab to develop their overall visual identity, and we can't wait to get started.

  • Chocolate with a heart


    Scandinavian DesignLab and Toms have updated the design of Denmark’s most popular chocolate gift box, making it an even better way of showing someone your gratitude. Even so, the design still cannot compete with the content. So dig in! 

  • Models with a purpose


    Scandinavian DesignLab is behind the new identity for the model agency 2pm. In the process the tag line "More than just a pretty face" was combined with a text-based design solution to reflect that 2pm is determined to help clients find the right type of model for every given task.

    View case: 2pm
  • On the cover


    The renowned Taschen Verlag has chosen works from the Scandinavian DesignLab project "Graphics in Fashion" (developed together with Nikoline Liv Andersen and Jacob Langvad) for the cover of their publication "Contemporary Graphic Design" - and you might see a bit more from the Lab if you flip through the pages.

  • Read the Logo Bible


    We do not want to preach but if you have an interest in graphic design you should really consider getting your hands on the fifth edition of Los Logos from Gestalten Verlag. We are happy to say that you might run into a few of our works if you do. 

  • Mann glaubt es ja kaum …


    Our client 1:1 Architects has been nominated for the Deutsche Design Preis. We are obviously very happy for them – and a bit proud as well. This means that we have now been nominated for what is called "Der Preis der Preise" two years in a row as we won a silver award with SuperBest last year.

  • In the Clio Design Jury 2010


    One of Scandinavian DesignLab’s own, Creative Director Per Madsen, was appointed member of the Clio Design Jury.

  • Republique takes a few more bows


    The identity created for Republique Theatre continues to attract attention. Not only has it helped create awareness for the new theatre – it has also won Gold at Creative Circle Awards as well as a Bronze at Clio Awards.  

    View case: Republique Theatre S2
  • Young Creative Talent


    One of our young guns – Robert Daniel Nagy – won a Young Creative Circle Award at this year's competition. Together with his partner Mads Jacob Poulsen of Goodmorning Technology, Robert received the award in the Design category for the project "naTur SHIRTS". This is their second award in the competition, which they also won in 2008.

  • SKAKO corporate identity


    SKAKO group, consisting of the companies Skako, Couvrot and Worldlift, has been consolidated into one modern brand. A new corporate identity, which tells a clearer and more powerful SKAKO story emphasizing SKAKO values; delivering steady, reliable and strong solutions.  

    View case: Skako
  • Prize of prizes


    At a ceremony in Frankfurt, Germany, Scandinavian DesignLab was presented a Silver Award at the prestigious “Prize of prizes”, the German Design Award. The award was given for the corporate identity for Danish supermarket chain SuperBest. The project has previously been awarded with Danish Design Award for Best Corporate Identity.



    For the second year in a row, Scandinavian DesignLab has won a Eurobest Award, this time for the corporate identity for the Danish Architectural company, 1:1 Architects. Eurobest is the premier awards for Europe's creative advertising industry.

  • Munthe plus Simonsen identity revitalized


    As Naja Munthe will be carrying the Fashion brand, Munthe Plus Simonsen, on alone, she decided that Munthe plus Simonsen should have a more personal look with a more direct link to her as a person, which is how Scandinavian DesignLab came up with the new, highly personal, revitalised visual identity.

  • Part of the Eurobest Jury


    Scandinavian DesignLab Creative Director and founding partner Per Madsen was invited to be part of the Eurobest Design Jury. 

  • Man & God


    The "Man & God" exhibition that Scandinavian DesignLab is a part of is now in Korea and opening at the Gwanju Biennale.

  • Galle & Jessen redesign


    With great respect to the iconic heritage, Scandinavian DesignLab has redesigned the Galle & Jessen chocolate packaging – bringing the design to a more simple, modern and yet classic look and feel.

  • The Frederiksberg Stage


    When Nørrebro Theatre took over the old and well-known Rialto Theatre, Nørrebro Theatre’s identity was expanded to include their new scene, Frederiksbergscenen. Consequently, different F’s has been made in order to capture the atmosphere.

  • Identity for Karen By Simonsen


    Scandinavian DesignLab has created the visual identity for Karen by Simonsen. Karen by Simonsen is the new, Danish, high-end fashion brand. The clothes are graphic, geometric and raw, hence the raw feeling of the logo, which looks almost as if cut by hand.

  • Nordisk Panorama Identity


    Scandinavian DesignLab has created the new identity for Nordisk Panorama, the annual short- and documentary film festival hosted by 5 different cities. The identity enhances the feeling of documentaries and short films, and the cropping of the logo improves the readability of the name and gives it a hard and simple expression.

  • New Lookbook for Ørgreen Optics


    Scandinavian DesignLab designed the lookbook for Ørgreen's 2010 collection. The recognizable cuts of the frames and bright colours are used in the book, enhancing the spirit of Ørgreen Optics. Ørgreen is known for exclusive, handcrafted frames, eye-catching and colourful eyewear, and is represented in more than 40 countries.  

  • Clio Award 2009


    It is with great honour and pride that we can announce Scandinavian DesignLab as winners of a Silver CLIO award. Scandinavian DesignLab won for the 1:1 Architects identity. The 1:1 symbol reflects the duality in 1:1 Architects as it can be viewed both as 1:1 and an A. The Clio Awards are rewarded for creative excellence in design.

  • Identity for REPUBLIQUE


    Copenhagen's new theatre was created as a counterpart to the Royal Danish Theater - hence the name REPUBLIQUE, which consists of Publique, the public, the audience; and Que, the question they seek to answer in REPUBLIQUE's lab. The circle symbolises the shared values in the republic, across nationality, gender and age.

    View case: Republique Theatre S1
  • IdN 15th Anniversary


    Scandinavian DesignLab has been commissioned by IdN for their 15th Anniversary Edition, "What do you love?” The edition, which is IdN's biggest publication to date, features work from 250+ handpicked collaborators who share their thoughts on the past, and visions of the future for the field of design.

  • Design Agency of the Year 2009


    Scandinavian DesignLab won "Design Agency of The Year" for the second year in a row at the 2009 Creative Circle Awards. Scandinavian DesignLab also won Bronze for the Mini Corporate Identity for artist Cathrine Raben Davidsen, Silver for the Artbook "White Ink", and Gold for the Mini Corporate Identity for 1:1 Architects.  

  • Book of the Year 2009


    "White Ink", the art book Scandinavian DesignLab made for artist Cathrine Raben Davidsen, will appear at the 2009 exhibit for "The Best Bookwork of the Year". "White Ink" will travel to Frankfurt and Leipzig with the book fair, where it will be one of the books considered for the title of "The Most Beautiful Book in the World."

    View case: Cathrine Raben Davidsen
  • Danish Ship Finance – New Identity


    The revitalisation of the Danish Ship Finance identity is based on a maritime concept supporting the company values. The concept of the horizon captures the essence of the business environment - giving Danish Ship Finance a modern, trustworthy, and clear appearance.

    View case: Danish Ship Finance
  • The Danish Design Award 2009


    Scandinavian DesignLab has been awarded the Danish Design Award for Best Corporate Identity for our work with the client SuperBest. The award was presented by His Royal Highness The Danish Crown Prince Frederik at the Danish Design Center. 

    View case: SuperBest