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The Task

How do you create continuity for a one-year-old identity, while still expressing that this is an extremely dynamic and experimenting theatre, constantly moving the boundaries of performing arts?

The Solution

Through the first season, Republique rode a wave of success, both in terms of performances and visibility, and it would have been tempting to just let the second season be more of the same. But that is not what Republique is about. The programme for the second season was certainly not the same, and consequently, the identity had to be taken to the next level too. Building on some of the simple, yet very distinctive, elements of the design added an edge that suited a programme that was even more interesting than the previous one.

Have a look at the first season design and compare – we believe this is an example of how a dynamic, modern identity can develop – in a close and strong cooperation between client and agency.

So please, do not just visit your design agency once every five years – your brand is certainly more dynamic than that!



Republique Theatre S2

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