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Aiming for a big bite of the increasing mass premium segment of the Danish chocolate market, Toms challenged Scandinavian DesignLab for the interesting task of creating a unique and powerful packaging design for the Toms EKSTRA launch – without it cannibalisating on Toms’ own Anton Berg brand. The market was highly dominated by Marabou Premium, without any major competion for years.


As part of the growing coorporation with Toms, we gladly accepted the challenge. The basis of the Toms EKSTRA concept is high quality, the unique production method of tray fermentation, and exciting fresh flavors. During the creative process we came across some market findings, that almost all premium chocolate packaging were either white or chocolate brown. We believed this particular Toms EKSTRA concept needed something… well, extra.

Together with Toms we created a solution that would attract the people that have not yet taken to the trend of eating dark chocolate. The colorful packaging with strong emphasis on the flavours and the references to the Ghana cacao origin has proven to be right - both trade and con-
sumers have approved to the concept and market shares have been captured. As such the chall-
enge was to find the right balance between the truly excellent story of the product quality and an accessible broad product appeal. We believe we found it. But you be the judge.


Packaging Design
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