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As an international brand, Nescafé balances consistency in its worldwide brand appearance with the diversity needed to appeal locally.

Scandinavian DesignLab is a strategic partner but also handles practical matters and has, for the last several years, been responsible for the full range of products in the Nordic region.

Some packaging has been redesigned while others merely are adaptations with a little Nordic twist in order to boost shelf impact.

As a brand guardian, Scandinavian DesignLab continuously ensures that the balance between global and local is optimized. Scandinavian DesignLab's working relationship with Nestle has deep roots. It's a working relationship that covers almost all of the work processes, on several levels, from being a strategic sparring partner to being the daily facilitator in the dialogue with each local European printing house.

During the long working relationship the handling of all of Nescafé's packaging has been streamlined in many areas.

Nestlé Nescafé

Packaging Design
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