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Despite its fast growth from 2003 – 2007, Munthe plus Simonsen have whished to maintain the experience of their brand as being underground – surprising and challenging. The fundamental concept behind the visual identity of Munthe plus Simonsen throughout the last five years has thus been to create new and profound attention through “unpredictability”.

The expression of Munthe plus Simonsens´s visual identity has changed constantly, but each time the creative concept has had the same inspirations source as the collection itself. Though each and every universe have their origin in the images catalogues, they themselves form the basis of all other elements in the visual communication, such as invitations, shows, look-books, in-store material, showrooms and adds.





We have constantly had to push and challenge the client and ourselves towards new working methods, photographers, sizes, print techniques, paper qualities, bookbinder’s work, and dressing such as foil, lacquering and relief - all in the search of a result that each and every time would support and strengthens the experience of the brand Munthe plus Simonsen as surprising and challenging.









Munthe plus Simonsen

Brand identity
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